Linea Design and Tapì for T.O.S. Distillery

T.O.S. Distillery

Linea Design and Tapì for T.O.S. Distillery

The French T.O.S. Distillery is the life and soul of any self-respecting party, with guests such as its Artesia whisky, its Humulus beer-based eau-de-vie, its good old Boutefeu genever made from cereals and its baby, a gin called Gohelle.

These four distillates are like a company of friends whose character and personality are reflected on the palate in a refined blend of flavours. Before being brought to the table in their personal tasting glasses, Artesia, Humulus, Boutefeu and Gohelle each introduce themselves in their own individual way.

The packaging, after a concept by Linea Design, dresses the bottles with shapes, colours and details that elegantly tell the story of T.O.S. Distillery products’ origins as well as their brand identity. This enables content and container to achieve a perfect balance between the innovative and craft-based industries that characterize the Hauts-de-France region.

The design is particularly refined, from the concave-bottomed bottles, up around the contours of the bottle, gathering at the neck with its fine decorations, and finishing at the Made in Tapì closure in screen-printed wood with a reproduction, in gold, of the T.O.S. Distillery logo. The meticulous care for detail revealed in T.O.S. packaging is a perfect way to express the quality of the product, enabling it to stand out from the crowd.

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