Mekano, Revò excellence for quality beers

Can a mechanical closure enhance a top-quality beer?
Here at the Tapì Group we believe it can. In fact no top beer should be seen without one.

After over five years of research and development, Tapì is now ready to launch an extremely innovative product of great technological and aesthetic impact onto the beer sector – in particular aimed at craft beers.

What makes this such a revolutionary product compared to traditional mechanical closures? Full customization – from colour combinations to printing of logos and inscriptions on the head – 100% recyclability and outstanding reusability – given its excellent resistance to wear and tear – for example in the returnable bottle segment.

Mekano combines utmost ease of application, high sealability and watertightness: the coinjected seal in the head ensures it is an effective barrier against gases and external contamination, making it perfectly suited for use with fermentation and pasteurization processes.

So many qualities condensed into a single concept, with an attractive design, manufactured with materials that comply with current international regulations. This all goes to make Mekano the flagship of Revò, the Tapì Group’s most recent business unit, which now will be making use of all the passion, creativity and experience the company has built up in the wine and spirits sector, for its entry onto the global beer market.

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