Speakeasy - The craft secret line

Speakeasy: the three new Tapì collections inspired by the 1920s Prohibition Era

Craftsmanship, old-fashioned style and all the delicatesse of an elegant chic.
This is the identity that here at Tapì we have sought to give our latest joint marketing venture, with the Saverglass company, inspired by the distinctive atmosphere of the Prohibition Era in 1920s USA.
The “Speakeasy – The craft secret line” range is made up of three new collections of Tapì closures, each designed for a different Saverglass bottle: Oslo Apothek, Botanic and Mixologist.
Charming products of great alchemy, reviving the ranges of apothecary jars with a sophisticated contemporary touch.

The aim of Speakeasyis to be a perfect match for the Saverglass designs, in perfect harmony between closure and bottle.
Inspired by the style of the exclusive nightclubs which spread like wildfire across the United States during the Prohibition Era – hence the name Speakeasy – Tapì have re-evoked that somewhat secretive, rather elite mood, underlining the freedom that we have today to enjoy fruits that are no longer forbidden.

Each collection is presented in a special packaging containing various different closures, each a balanced combination of unrefined woods (beech, oak and ash, with a cork or synthetic replica leg) and refined design bringing out the original shapes of the bottles, highlighting their clean lines.

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