Starlight: Brighten up your style

Unique brilliance, colours and highlights.
Starlight is the innovative, fully customizable closure, assembled without the use of glue. The Starlight closure is truly one of a kind, designed to be both stylish and functional. In addition to its colourfulness and elegance, it also features a technological innovation, being assembled entirely without glue.

Starlight was designed to seal the liquid inside the bottle, without running the risk of breakages or ungluing. The product is assembled using a cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technique that uses no glue, and has a lockring below the head which serves to hold the various elements even more securely in place, preventing the product from becoming detached or breaking during use.

Maximum customization
Starlight is completely customizable. The head – and the lockring below it – can be made out of transparent or metallic colours, thus creating imaginative combinations of various hues and tones. The leg is also customizable in any colour. Any type of logo or coloured wording can be cprinted on both head and leg.

Starlight Plus

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