The group's beating heart is Tapì Research & Development, the division concerned with researching new technical solutions and production processes and developing new products.

A third of our revenues is actually earmarked for R&D: this allows us to offer an industrial product that not only has repeatable specifications but, above all, sits at the cutting edge and is constantly being fine-tuned and improved in its design and raw materials.

Tapì R&D comprises the following facilities:

Tapì Labs

Research laboratories are housed in each of our manufacturing plants and are coordinated by Tapì R&D. This research-driven approach allows us to produce closures that cater to the requirements of individual local markets with specific properties, designed for today's Green Economy and diversified to comply with the standards of each different country. Tapì Labs are tasked, among other things, with selecting raw materials at the cutting edge of polymer technology, continuously improving quality control and training manufacturing personnel.

Tapì Technical Department

The R&D area specialized in the design of new products and in collaborating with packaging designers for the development of tailor-made closures. Here, closures are designed and tested virtually before making it onto the production line to ensure safety and performance requirements are met through a number of certifications concerning both the raw materials and the finished product.

Tapì Matic

The area devoted to developing new automated machinery: hi-tech, energy efficient and designed to meet very high volume requirements in a global market.

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